The main objective of this website is to keep REMCO members informed and up-to-date on current events and our retirement benefits from Merced County. We will strive to keep members advised of events that could affect our members and to provide a reliable retirement resource site for our members.

This website can be an effective cost-saving factor of the quarterly newsletter postage and stationary mailing costs. We ask all Remco members willing to review the quarterly newsletter via the website to send an email to REMCOmerced@yahoo.com confirming that you no longer want the newsletter mailed to you. Your participation in cutting our mailing costs is appreciated!

The endeavor of constructing the website for Remco has been a new experience for all of us who have been involved. We are sure changes will be necessary as we progress. If any Remco member has any website development thoughts or suggestions, you can contact the site administrator at REMCOmerced@yahoo.com

Officers & Board of Directors

President: Sandy Teague

Vice President: Jackie Walther-Parnell

Secretary: LaVon Justice

Treasurer: Lola Barnett

Past President: John Carlisle


Michael Sofranek

Harold Goldman

Bernedette Castenada

Scott Johnston

Rebecca Reis

Kennith Brummell

Retirement Board (MCERA) Representative

MCERA Representative: Sandy Teague
Alternate MCERA Representative: Michael Rhodes


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